Medical Help – Providing medical care, to those living on the outskirts, with the lack of appropriate medical attention or finances to afford any.

Child Sponsorship Programme for Children with Multiple Disabilities – For children with severe physical and mental disabilities opportunities for activity and leisure become limited. Their needs and desire to enjoy activities like swimming, sports, summer camps where they are treated equal, as their peers is difficult for them to communicate.

Our Foundation makes it easier by giving them ample opportunities to indulge in a range of recreational activities hence creating a rich social environment for them to flourish.

Rural Development – Provision of basic infrastructure facilities in the rural areas e.g. schools, health facilities, proper roads, drinking water, electricity etc. Providing assistance to individual families and Self Help Groups (SHG) living below poverty line by providing productive resources through credit and subsidy.

Access to Education – A large number of children in India don’t go to school. They are never introduced to the education system. We strive to help those we can by reaching out to as many children and their families as possible.

Calamity Support – There are many calamities that affect the world. Concerning our country there are many as well. We strive to provide nutrition, medical help and basic necessities to those we can through collaborative effort.

Helping the Elderly – In the recent times, with the rise in the idea of nuclear families, the elderly are finding it difficult to find place in their own homes. We want to ensure a safe living environment with basic healthcare and daily needs met.